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In last summer's slew of blockbusters, with superhero flicks, sci fi films and independents, only a few stuck out to me as refreshingly entertaining. One of them actually turned out to be "The Magnificent Seven", a remake of the 1960's remake with Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington at the helm, bringing us a fun gun slinging western and an overall crowd pleaser. Not much was to be seen as a deal breaker or downright bad, just felt like it could've used some more character development and a bit less of the cliche revenge plot. Lo and behold, here comes "musiced921" and his take on this western, addressing most of those gripes I originally had. Not only that, but in this new package comes a brand new score more reminiscent of the 1960's film (more bombastic and epic might I add) with a few trims to tonally confusing scenes and actions. Overall, a fun popcorn movie has been turned into something a bit more fresh, given a bit more humanity and dare I say it one step closer to the original.
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