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It's been many years since I watched LXG (bought the DVD secondhand) and I dismissed it as one of the many CGI-laden franchise-hopefuls that fizzled out in the vein of Constantine, Van Helsing, etc. Bionicbob presents the film here as it should be seen-- a true Victorian steampunk/pulp adventure. I'm not familiar with Alan Moore's comic book series, so I'm judging the narrative solely by the way its presented in this edit-- it is pretty damn fun.

The grindhouse effect, faded look and varied color hues were a great choice and gave the film authenticity. My favorite was the cool blue Mongolian sequences and the orange tinted Africa sequences worked well too. Not only do they help place the sequences geographically and thematically but also help compartmentalize and move the film along in chapters. There is a lot of grain (and some artifact), but honestly, this is a grindhouse film--it is part of the look and feel of the edit itself and it is not distracting in the setting of the scratches, film damage, dust and other grindhouse signatures that are present throughout. The deleted scenes look grittier so I could tell them apart from the actual theatrical cut, but again, all part of the presentation.

There were no audio blips or hiccups at all.

Narrative wise, it is a fantasy film-- and a very entertaining popcorn flick. Its not meant to be taken seriously, but is supposed to be a thrill-ride and certainly delivers, especially in the last quarter. As a comic book film, this film should not be judged against darker films like the dark knight, but against lighter fare (van helsing, etc) and for my money bob's version of LXG blows the others out of the water. I rated it a 10 because it was such a significant improvement over the original that this should certainly be considered the definitive cut of this fun movie. And dude, it has freakin Sean Connery-- that's enough reason to watch the movie. If he can make Zardoz look good, he can make this movie look good.

Great work all around. Highly, highly recommended for fans of steampunk and comic book movies, as well as those just looking for a fun popcorn flick. Congrats bob ;)

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