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FanFix December 11, 2012 3821
(Updated: October 10, 2015)
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I always thought the Gail moments were really stomach churningly awful, the slow motion zooms and shmoltzy music made me puke, and put a real halt to one of the top 5 dead or alive gangster films ever. I'd like to thank the editor for making a dream come true. The pace is relentless, keeps the adrenaline pumping the whole time, really well done. Great choice for a title too. One minor detail which was unavoidable but mentioning anyway, is at the end Luis Guzman turns up for no reason with Benny Blanco, its the only time when the new edit didnt make sense, which is very rare for a fan edit to be so solid the whole way through, this one tiny detail didnt really effect how much I loved this cut.
Some glitches, no big deal, would like to see HD version. Liked how he said he cut 55 minutes out, I really didn't realise as it feels like an entire film, and liked how he added the cuts at the end (I didn't watch cuz it would have killed the buzz I got from the new edit, but good idea.)
This edit is BIG TIME!

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