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Hollywood has a real obsession with shoehorning a love story into every movie ever made, whether it needs one or not (apparently to attract female viewers, which I find patronizing). Carlito's Way is not the worst example, but still Adabisi's edit shows how well it works without the romance, resulting in a movie that's lean and mean and to the point. Unfortunately the footage only allows so much, so one scene had to be recreated by repeating shots over and over again in an almost comical way. Maybe getting a 1080p source and cropping the shots to SD would have allowed for a better result. Either way, I enjoyed the edit overall, and was technically very good save for a couple music transitions (from the credits to the beginning, and from the shooting to the epilogue). Video quality was good for an .avi file but had a few encoding glitches here and there. Imperfect but recommended.

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