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Ok first off this review is about 3 years late if not longer... My bad Sun. That being said this is the edit that made me want to do my first fanedit!

I can't say enough good things about this edit. I saw an AVI of the edit, which to my knowledge is not an official release but video and audio quality were excellent! The video get's a small ding due to the changes of color and what not but that isn't exactly the editor's fault. Me personally the one thing I would like from this edit would have been some color correction to make all the Saw footage match. But I do understand the undertaking that would be before you even take into account that every movie is a drastically different color. Audio over all was excellent!

Narrative and enjoyment: This is a masterpiece . Every scene is clearly thought out and there for a reason. But more importantly you never feel like your watching a fanedit. being very familiar with the Saw franchise it opened my eyes to how much potential fanediting had. The ability to take all those movies and mix them into 1 was done flawlessly.

Well done sir!

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