Jigsaw Files, The

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Jigsaw Files, The
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2004 - 2009
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Brief Synopsis:
This edit pulls the back story that is weaved throughout the Saw movies and creates a new narrative.
For 6 Years now the Saw-Franchise has created a story that not only progressed forward, but also filled in many blank spots via flashbacks. After 6 movies there is a huge amount of back story told in non-linear fashion, so intertwined that some people lose track about the plot.
Release Information:
Special Features
- Trailer Saw VII
- The Jigsaw Files II Teaser
- Deleted/Edited Scenes
Editing Details:
Using Saw I-VI the storyline of Saw I is expanded to almost 2.5 hours to tell everything that happened before the infamous bathroom trap that started the most successful horror-franchise of all time.

I tried to keep the canon in mind as much as possible to tell a cohesive story and make it not look like a Youtube Saw-compilation, but with the Seth Baxter trap I removed the video showing Billy the puppet. There is now a loudspeaker telling Seth the rules of his games since this game was made by Hoffman and a Billy tape made by a copycat before we see Billy in a Jigsaw trap is just too abrupt continuity-wise.

Also some of the dialogue between Adam and Dr. Gordon is cut — the lines that make sense if you have no clue what is going on, but seem redundant after already having seen 40 minutes of back story and preparing the bathroom.
To match the footage of the later Saw’s with the greenish hue of Saw I the edit went through some colour corrections to get rid of the blue (Saw IV), red (Saw V) and grey (Saw VI) hue.

Unfortunately by the time of Saw VI the flashbacks have become so washed out that the image quality differs drastically from the previous movies ... a look I sadly didn’t manage to fix.
Cuts and Additions:
- Opening montage showing John and the Billy doll with the scene of John talking to William intercut
- Cecil starts a fight in Jill’s clinic
- John takes Jill to the workshop
- Jill loses her baby when Cecil attacks her
- Added Amanda and Cecil at the clinic
- John and Jill in hospital —
- Inserted flashback “Cherish your life”
- Art and Jill enter John’s workshop
- John gets diagnosed with cancer – montage with music intercut with medical files footage
- William denies John an experimental cancer treatment
- Suicide attempt
- John puts Cecil into the knife-chair
- Rigg and Hoffman at Police station
- Rigg beats abusive father of schoolgirl
- Art tries to sue Rigg
- Jill returns to John’s workshop
- Seth’s trap (with loudspeaker instead of billy-video)
- Hoffman and Fisk arrive at Seth’s murder scene
- Hoffman talks to Fisk about Kerry
- John abducts Hoffman
- Hoffman and John capture Paul
- Paul’s trap gets prepared Jigsaw gives Hoffman the penlight from Dr. Gordon
Kerry, Sing and Tapp appear at the crime scene
- Amanda gets high, when she is drugged we see her remembering the car ride to Jill’s clinic with Cecil Preparation of the reverse beartrap
- Reverse beartrap
- Amanda leaves the trap
- Mark’s trap
- Dr. Gordon talking about John Kramer’s medical condition
- Interrogation of Gordon and Amanda – trimmed to avoid redundancy
- Tapp drives Gordon home
- Amanda returns to her room, John is waiting for her
- Tapp figures out where Jigsaw’s lair is
- Sing gets killed Jigsaw escapes
- *re-inserted* Adam meets Amanda
- Dr. Gordon’s home
- Gordon gets a phone call from Zepp
- Adam takes picture of Gordon
- Gordon gets captured
- Adam returns to his apartment and falls asleep
- Amanda gets her first task from Jigsaw
- Adam wakes up and gets abducted by Amanda
- Amanda enters the bathroom, preparation
- Saw 1 without flashbacks various trims to avoid redundancy
- Revelation with new final montage
No art.

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A very impressive edit which pieces together Jigsaw's backstory over 6 films (in the first half). Very good editing throughout, and this edit can serve effectively as a replacement to the first Saw film. The second part of this edit is essentially just Saw. If I have one critique, it is that the identity of the dead man on the floor (from the first Saw) is revealed before that part of the film begins, which weakens the ending reveal. Other than that, great job here by Sunarep on his reconstruction of John Kramer's life before the events of the first film, it's definitely an interesting watch.
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Ok first off this review is about 3 years late if not longer... My bad Sun. That being said this is the edit that made me want to do my first fanedit!

I can't say enough good things about this edit. I saw an AVI of the edit, which to my knowledge is not an official release but video and audio quality were excellent! The video get's a small ding due to the changes of color and what not but that isn't exactly the editor's fault. Me personally the one thing I would like from this edit would have been some color correction to make all the Saw footage match. But I do understand the undertaking that would be before you even take into account that every movie is a drastically different color. Audio over all was excellent!

Narrative and enjoyment: This is a masterpiece . Every scene is clearly thought out and there for a reason. But more importantly you never feel like your watching a fanedit. being very familiar with the Saw franchise it opened my eyes to how much potential fanediting had. The ability to take all those movies and mix them into 1 was done flawlessly.

Well done sir!

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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
September 26, 2011

I only saw SAW 1 when I decided to see this fanedit. I enjoyed the original but I am not a fan of gore movies like I used to be when I was a teen. So I decided to skip the sequels and jump into this directly.

Very well made, I didn’t feel lost at all; it seems to me that the editor cut down on the death traps to concentrate on the character of Jigsaw and his story. Which was a wise choice because a series of death traps would have felt very redundant very fast. In that sense it reminded me of Dexter where once the killer motif is established, we can move on to the story.

Sunarep did a great job at keeping the different visual styles of the different movies into a coherant whole. It’s not a perfect blend but thankfully the story is engrossing enough that any problems there are quickly forgotten.

This is a great achievement considering the monumental task of sewing 6 movies together. For the entertainment value and the achievement in editing, I give this fanedit a 8/10.
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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
August 14, 2011

Spoiler free review concerning the original SAW movies:

I never seen any SAW movies until this week. And I’ve seen six of them in order to see this edit…
I’m not a fan of gore movies, I like suspens/tension/horror, but blood for the sake of blood is not my cup of tea. So I was amazed at how I liked the first original movie. Very intense and great twists all along. The gore aspect was okay since the movie itself was great.
The sequels, even if they really tried hard to capture the suspens and tension of the first movie are all too much about watching people bleeding rather than watching good cinema. However there are very interesting character developement in each of them, and that’s where Sunarep edit enters the game.

This edit is the perfect companion piece of the first movie if you’re more interested in the character of Jigsaw than watching death traps.
All the events shown in this edit makes perfect sens and are all well combined.
My only problam is, like a previous reviewer said, that we loose the track of a main character along the way.
I also think we see too much of the original movie (but if you saw it a long time ago I guess it will work well for you).
I think it could have been a very good \prequel fanedit\ rather than an epic fanedit that runs a bit too long.

That said, if you liked the firt movie but are not interested in watching al the others, this edit is for you. If you saw all the movies but you want to see how well the chronological order can work, this edit is for you.
I only beg you too see SAW \1\ before this edit or else you spoil youself too much surprises.

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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
August 14, 2011

*This rating was given before reviews were required*
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