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I'm not going to go into a huge exposition as to what's great and what's not. The editing is top notch, this guy really knows how to keep the energy and narrative flowing through vigorous editing. The video/audio quality is A+, literally like watching the official Blu Ray. This guy is gifted in the art of editing.
Now, my biggest grievance is with the choosing of material he's cut from the film. 80% of what he's edited out is filler and is mostly unnecessary and it makes for a much tighter and cohesive viewing experience. But there are some KEY scenes that were removed from the film and it just didn't work for me at all. It's like he did an excellent job editing out over half the filler in part one, and let the majority of part two play out. He took out some very tense, important scenes and it left the movie lacking. The COMPLETE removal of all scenes involving the taking of Disctict 2 was baffling. Not to mention the removal of the entire rescue mission in part 1. After what appears firstly to be a tightly cut action/sci-fi finale, it just turned out to be disappointing.

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Owner's reply August 20, 2016

I'd be happy to discuss with you what you thought was lacking in the movie due to the complete removal of District 2. My arguments for removing the scenes are these:

The largest impact of the District 2 scenes on the film is the injury to Katniss at the hands of a Capitol fanatic and the resulting emboldening of the rebels as a result. The exact same description can be given to what happens when Peeta attacks Katniss after being brainwashed by the Capitol, so it works as a very simple replacement.

The other important exposition that happens during this sequence is the revelation that the District 13 army will do whatever it takes, however unethical, to bring down the Capitol. While this is an interesting development in the movie, I think it is much more powerful to leave this revelation to the very end so that at first you really question whether Coin bombed the Capitol children.

You say that District 2 is an important turning point in the war, and maybe it is in the book I honestly can't say, but it does not play out that way in the movies. There are no scenes in the movies that follow the district rebels and how their motivations develop, the movies focus almost entirely on how they respond to the propaganda that is being released about Katniss. Therefore her survival of the bullet wound and subsequent actions are no more powerful in the movie than her survival of the attack by Peeta.

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