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Hunger Games: Mockingjay "The Hanging Tree", The
April 06, 2016    
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This edit is a well-crafted project meticulously put together by Jerick. Audio and video flows into one another as though it was the Blu-ray version (i.e. the quality of the edit and source is outstanding). The word flawless has been used before, and rightly so. Just a joy to be able to watch a fan edit without being pulled out of it because of a jarring cut. Nothing seemed out-of-place to me and the narrative works to create a (or THE) final entry in the trilogy.

I'd recommend this edit to anyone who seeks a trimmed and tightened version of the bloated two-parter that is HG: Mockingjay. I'd even recommend to watch this instead unless, of course, you are a huge fan of either books or movie franchise and need every single piece of material.

I found it difficult to give the Enjoyment-rating a fair number. One the one side, I truly enjoy a great fan edit, but on the other I dislike the entire Hunger Games-franchise. The enjoyment of the edit is in the 9-10 range, while the enjoyment of the movie itself is very low. A compromise has been made but solely due to my dislike of the movie, not the superb fan edit.

All in all, a brilliant edit by Jerick!

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