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This one gave me the hope that something good could come out of the Hunger Games - and for the first 60 minutes this was true. This was a superb cut of Mockingjay 1. The hanging tree theme in the beginning was a bit odd and off for my taste, as this playful style was never repeated througout the movie.
Then Mockingjay 2 started and boredom started as well for me. No one needed more Hunger Games and I would have loved this one to be sliced and diced just as the first one, but it wasn't. The parts that were cut were all chosen carefully and did indeed tighten the 2nd part and make it a better movie (still far from good). The ending was great and finally insterted the pain, sorrow, silence and emotion that was so needed.
The editing was flawless, sound- and videowise. Great image quality and so easy to get through vimeo (I hope that is not dangerous for you to upload such contents there).
So, to sum it up, I was hoping to watch a version of Mockingjay that I could keep as a good movie, but this has not happened. Again part 2 ruined it for me and the great ending could not save the edit from being a one-time amusement. Thank you, Jerick for a wonderful part 1 edit. This was masterful.
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