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Jerick gave me the Hunger Games finale I wanted to see in the cinema.

First of all, I never read the books, so I don't compare the movie to them. Second, I am no expert on editing whatsoever. I am just a tremendously huge fan of the fist two Hunger Games movies who was pretty disappointed by the final films.

One of the biggest problems for me back then was that the films dragged on forever because they split the story over two movies. Jerick gave me a movie with just the right pacing and an incredibly strong start with the film beginning with blowing up the dam. Also, I don't remember anything that I missed from the original cut, so again, I'd say damn good job here.

I watched the film together with my girlfriend who has never seen the original two films and she enjoyed it as well. She felt a few points weren't perfectly explained, but to be honest, I felt the same way with the original cut, where I had to read about a few things to full grasp every detail.

There was one weird cut, where all of sudden Katniss is hiding in the pipes or wherever, where we felt like "huh? Why is she hiding there all of a sudden?" But I don't really remember if this was that different in the original cut.

All in all, from a movie watcher perspective, this is the edit that should have made it to the public. Thank you, Jerik, for giving me the movie I wanted to see.

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