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Long story short, this is the go-to edit for the Hobbit Trilogy. If you consider having a LOTR marathon, consider adding this film to it. This is an excellent prequel which stands right beside the LOTR trilogy in terms of quality and narrative. The audio/video editing is also next to perfect and this movie does not feel like an edit whatsoever. My friend hasn't seen the Hobbit at all; he really enjoyed this film and he couldn't spot one edit made to this Trilogy

The Positives:
. The small things this edit does really helps preserve the LOTR trilogy e.g. making Bilbo discover the ring in a way more true to The Fellowship and not having one of the dwarves forcefully recall that Gimli is his son etc.
. Huge chunks from the movie were cut which helped move the story along gracefully
. The transitions between films were unnoticeable
. Making the movie linear and not have it overlap The Fellowship
. TDOS doesen't grind to a screeching hault after the opening act
. The Lonley mountain segment isn't a confusing wreck like it is in the original
. The faster pace keeps the story interesting

The minor nitpicks:
. There is a bit of an anti-climax in the end battle
. The movie begins very quickly, giving us no back story on what occurred before Bilbo's adventure

Overall, this edit is excellently radical and it proves to me how the The Hobbit could of easily been one movie. Well done Spence!

And if your feeling adventurous, could you be able to do an edit of entire Star Wars Prequel Trilogy? ... that would be fantastic ;)

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April 19, 2015
Thank you very much for your review! I'm glad you and your friend enjoyed the edit.

About those prequels... the thought has crossed me mind.
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