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Finally we have the DoS - Arkenstone Edition =)

I only have a few comments to make:

-Regarding the Necromancer's revelation as being Sauron, i think it shouldn't be mentioned anything about the Eye of Sauron by Bolg or any other Orc. Sauron should have always been addressed as Master and the his revelation left to Gandalf, when the two battle.
For us fans who know the story, we know that the Necromancer and Sauron are the same but for the regular viewer i think it would be great to leave that ambiguity as much as possible and then we get to Gandalf's fight when Sauron finally reveals himself and the Eye. This will link with Gandalf's mention of the Eye of Sauron in Mirkwood. In my opinion it works even better this way.

- If there has to be a love triangle then I agree with masirimso17 in his assessment of the following:

1 - "The only time it kind of bothered me was in the Smaug scene. More specifically, the rescoring over “You carry something” and the lead-up to it felt tacky. I think Jackson made the right choice to make it silent in this instance. In the original movie it felt tenser to me with just Benedict Cumberbatch’s awesome voice."
2 - More of Legolas, Tauriel and Thranduil build up as characters, not necessarily exactly as in the original but a bit more exposition using those scenes would be instrumental.
3 - "Maybe if the ring’s voice is more clearly heard and just the part where Bilbo almost vomits is cut then this would be perfect." With that sound effect I've mentioned earlier, if doable, on all Sauron's lines).
4 - "Finally, I wish you had included the main Hobbit theme from An Unexpected Journey, but I understand why you didn’t add it in."
I'm biased in this regard, because i love The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Song Of The Lonely Mountain and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - The Last Goodbye. Both have that "LOTR universe" ring to it, whereas Ed Sheeran - I See Fire doesn't (I hate it actually).

PS: You already know my closing end song's suggestions =)

Positive points to mention a few:
- Color correction =)
- Narrative in general (with those aforementioned touches)
- Sound effects, editing, audio, quality

I expected nothing less from you Kerr =).

Congrats and keep it up =) Can't wait for BotFA - Arkenstone Edition

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