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The edit description was enough to pull me in for a watch of Part 1, though I like the Kerr, Menbailee, and Rangerkris edits so much that found it somewhat difficult to do so. But I was looking for an intermediate cut for the kids, who complain every time I watch those other edits that have all of the cartoonish scenes removed.

I took many notes for feedback, but in reading through the review of WillosophicalWill I found that he covered most of my comments exactly. Assume all of his comments apply, but here are a few other observations:

--Crack the plates song; I'm mixed on this one and think its a keeper, though it pushes the limits of silliness I can tolerate, like the one dwarf catching plates behind his back without looking. I never had the impression from Tolkien reads that dwarves were masters of dexterity.

--The Bilbo faint cut is awkward. I think that should have been left in. It's a further indicator of just how sedentary he has become.

--Dumbest scene in the movie is when the dwarves throw down their weapons because the trolls are threatening to pull Bilbo apart. What does that accomplish other than let them all be eaten? Only the Menbailee cut has addressed this - it's an awkward clip but I was willing to deal with it just to have that ridiculousness removed.

--It was hard to figure why Elrond's elvish intro to the dwarves was removed.

--As W said, wanted cut short of goblin chase and barrel ride.

--To me the bear chase should have been left in. It explains why in the later scene he's outside chopping wood and has not and already seen the dwarves.

--Echo Mirkwood. More time in there stumbling around is great, a more sinister feel results.

--Color change with Bilbo and butterflies outstanding. Scene was much more powerful.

--Esgaroth cuts good.

--I can't deal with the dragon vs dwarf scene, even edited. Truly my advice is delete it into the void, even in a playful edit such as this one. It's one of the worst creative license decisions in the history of movie adaptations. Have I conveyed my loathing adequately?!

--This edit has joined my permanent collection! Nice work!

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