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The Good:
As with all other fan edits, the focus is shifted back to Bilbo, and the quality of the film is improved a thousand times over due to Martin Freeman's fantastic performance.
Shrouding Azog in mystery builds up a lot of anticipation for the battle of the five armies, and it's good that all allusions to Sauron are removed.
The Lonely Mountain violin tune near the beginning. I genuinely got chills hearing it.
The way you handled the wargs sequence was fantastic, it flows incredibly well, and the subjection colour correction you've done for continuity was also amazing.
Thank you for including Beorn's intro scene, as well as the extended scenes in Mirkwood. The scenes in the Mirkwood forest were some of my favourite scenes in Jackson's films, and it's so nice to see them get a chance to shine.
Tauriel. You handled Tauriel extremely well. We finally get a real indication of a good character, instead of a female character who is bogged down in a cheesy love story. I also really like how there's more of an emphasis on her instead of Legolas.

The Bad:
The opening of the film feels a bit awkward due to the different music than in the original.
The Goblin Town chase has a few too many silly gags for my liking. I do like the "Cut the ropes!" gag, and the rock rolling down the hill, but Kili deflecting arrows with his sword, the swinging bridge, and the Goblin King's death are just too unrealistic. I spent most of the sequence waiting for you to cut back to Bilbo. Maybe a few extra trims would help make the action sequence feel more realistic and increase the tension.
The barrel sequence. I actually like the barrel sequence, I think it's a really awesome action set-piece; but I have the same issues with this sequence as I do with the Goblin Town chase. I would've left the sequence as it is, but cut out Bombur's barrel killing spree and Legolas balancing on Dwarf heads.

In closing, this is a solid edit which I found to be very enjoyable, it feels closest to what Jackson initially intended The Hobbit to be.

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