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FanFix September 07, 2014 2509
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This edit is much better than the original version. Technically I did not notice any issues, the video quality is high and the audio is only 2 channel but also a high quality. The best part is how much of the movie has been cut but how little you notice the missing pieces.

I loved the LOTR trilogy but could never quite get into the books. However, The Hobbit is one of my favorite books of all time and I have been nothing but disappointed with the Hobbit films. They are overly long, filled with constant unnecessary reminders that these movies are prequels to the LOTR trilogy, and the films seem to forget that Bilbo is suppose to be the main character. Unfortunately some of those things still remain in this edit, which is why I had to take a few points off of enjoyability and narrative.

Nevertheless, this edit will be my official go to version for Desolation until someone creates a literary cut of all three Hobbit films. I highly recommend anyone who likes fantasy to check out this edit and to skip the theatrical cut all together.

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