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First things first English is second language to me so bear with me.

This edit flows very well as a sequel to Kerr's Arkenstone Edit. The core of this edit has stayed somewhat the same as the Vanilla version. This edit is not a cut fest so if your looking for a bigger trimmed down version this is not for you.

Small changes that include Bilbo's temptation have been removed completely. It makes for far better narrative and the story isn't focused on the ring and how evil it is. In my opinion its too soon to tease the connection between Sauron and the ring. Its makes watching it chronologically so much better. Now it just seems Bilbo found something spectacular and become an even better burglar. The scene where he almost says to Gandalf that he found the ring is awkward as hell and i'm glad it was cut. Cutting out the orc sneaking is a very nice touch and makes the surprise work so much better.

The biggest changes come at the end. The dragon gold covering segment is now gone (it wasn't in the book so why make something this silly up?) so is all of the hall roaming. Now it stays more true to the book which i like. I like the scene where dwares see there kin dead and will find some courage to stand up to Smaug, but not sure though how it would work with this edit maybe add it to the last movie?

Anyway i did like the cliffhanger tease they went with but i like this version a lot better. Masirimso17 has masterfully added the Lake Town fight from the last movie to finalize the downfall of Smaug and complete that story ark. One thing that i didn't like that much was the music playing in the background when Smaug fly's to Lake Town. It was very quiet and felt weak. If you could somehow use the ending of DOS when he fly's off which was very powerful and transition it to your edit somehow. Smaug's a predator and since predators hunt there food in stealth and make as little noise as possible it would be great to only just here the wind and maybe slowly build up the tension with music. If the tension were built slower it would make that segment that much powerful, just a thought. Ending was very well done and is a nice tease to the next.

Overall i very much enjoyed this edit it made some small changes bur very effective ones and the last part was done masterfully so thank you and commandben for making good movie even better.

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