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I made an account just so that I could write this review. This fan edit was fantastic. The original film left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth. The awful slapstick and cheesy jokes did not go well with the otherwise dark-ish tone that Jackson was going for. This edit cuts all the annoying crap out, and keeps all (well, mostly all) the good stuff in. Obviously this edit was made to keep continuity with the rest of the trilogy, so as a result, plot points that seem unnecessary and added in had to be kept. Still, only the necessary shots remain in this edit.

Something MUST be said about the audio editing. I gave it a 9, which was tough to do considering it was both one of my favourite as well as least favourite aspects of the edit. The music from the original AUJ was very welcome, and the voice (and visual) clips integrated from The Fellowship of the Ring were incorporated magnificently. The only gripe I have (which is why I gave audio a 9) is that as a result of working your audio wizardry, some of the dialogue is hidden under the score. You can still make out what they're saying, but it's definitely more difficult than it should. Nevertheless, this will be my go-to version of the film from now on, and I look forward to seeing your edit of DoS (which I'm hoping to be able to watch within the next month or so...?)

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