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TV-to-Movie September 29, 2015 6204
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I think another stab at this edit by the editor would make it really great. But as it is, I did not enjoy it very much. On the good side, the video and audio quality were perfect and the opening titles were great.

It takes a long time to get to some action. The first bit of action is the sword fight and it doesn't happen until about halfway through the edit. Up to that point it's all dialogue and exposition. It's easy to get lost with all the characters while trying to make sense of exactly what and who they're all talking about.

The narrative could use some work. What happened to Jaime? And Catelyn? All the Aria training scenes need to pay off at some point. If you're going to show someone training to do something, they eventually have to do that thing. Imagine Karate Kid without the tournament, Rocky IV without the Drago fight, Empire without the Vader/Luke showdown, etc.

There are some rough audio transitions at about 45, 54, and 57 minutes. They aren't quite hard cuts, but it was obvious that an edit took place. A bit more smoothing out would go a long way. The video fade in/out at 62 minutes was awkward, as was the cut to black at 67 minutes

I will say, though, that the post-credit sequence is brilliant.

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