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Overall, I think this was very well done. It's refreshing to be able to see isolated stories such as this. To offer some constructive criticism I'd say,

1) Although it's good that we see ourselves Jon Arryns fate, I think the conversation between cersei and jaime to be unnecessary to Neds story. I think it worked effectively throughout the whole edit that we mainly only saw things directly from his perspective. For example, it was more exciting to hear that Robb had called the banners and his wife had captured Tyrion. We hear it for the first time Ned does.

2) I don't feel there was a need to cut Robert saying, "Not all of them", when referring the targaryans being dead. The scene ended quicker than it seemed natural. I think this helps reinforce Roberts hate for them too.

3) Ned gets to Kings Landing a bit too quickly. Wasn't there a scene where they make camp and talk of Jon's mother briefly. Although not relevant to the story directly, it would help break the journey up slightly.

4) I feel it should have ended the moment we see Ned die. Seeing Arya start her escape implies the beginning of another story and as this was just about the Hand of the King, I feel it should end as such.

Just a few thoughts anyway, but I did enjoy it. I love watching through GoT but it requires a great deal of time to get through. I enjoyed seeing the story of Ned and I think it works well because he features in only the first season.

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You Only Live One Season ;)

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Owner's reply December 01, 2015

Thanks for this review. It is really helpful and constructive. I do hope one day to do a sequel/Arya edit, though it really depends on how her story goes whether or not it's possible. I really appreciate your taking the time to watch and give me some really good feedback.

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