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I overall enjoyed this edit especially the removal of the awful rap music that the movie had and the deleted scenes included did help enhance the film nicely. However there were so many instances of some audio mixing issues with characters voices being a bit too drowned out by the inclusion of the new music. It does make you have to fight to listen harder on what they are saying. The music choices however I felt were spectacular and really do help flesh out the time period of the film.

Unfortunately, I do have major gripes with the inclusion of the deleted scenes not narratively. The color grading is off and you can easily tell its a deleted scene due to the colors being duller and even lower quality compared to the original film. Not only that, there are so many instances of missing VFX that I was lead to believe where either completed or were expertly cut around to hide them. Finally, the ending of the film has the repeated line of New York being haunted to Nick as the alternate ending with Tom still has that line. Both endings should have been combined with that voice over to prevent repeated information as well as jarring editing as the original ending has the same background of Nick walking throughout New York. I feel Hal did not fully look over the last 10-15 minutes of the film and it severely hurts the narrative unintentionally.

I do recommend this cut a bit over the original and I am glad it was not lost to time as I had initially thought, but I hope this edit can really pave the way to an even better more polished edit in the near future.

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