Godfather Chronological Epic 1901-1980, The

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(Updated: September 06, 2012)
The Aluminum Falcon Sept 18 2011

This edit is epic, in every sense of the word. Clocking in at more than 9 hours, it is quite long, but a worthwhile experience. This is the entire legacy of the Godfather strewn together. While I love the original movies, this alternate take is absolutely fascinating. I enjoyed seeing all those added scenes, as they formed a fascinating new perspective.

With the deleted scenes, you get to see more into the soul of Michael Corleone and his fall from grace and failed attempt at regaining it. It is truly a shame that Godfather III pales in comparison to the other two but I suppose it is something that one can easily live with. An aspect I found curious was that the scene where Michael tells his family that he’s joining the army is in it’s original place. Being chronological, I would have expected it elsewhere, but I suppose it works better that way.

The title cards were a good idea, as they really make the thing seem operatic and epic, as it should be. The ending montage brought everything to a nice close and I’m glad you changed things up a bit for the V2 of this, as now it is perfect as far as I’m concerned.

Quality-wise, this is far better than the official chronological edition and I will enjoy it for years to come. The video on the most part is clear, better than the original Godfather DVD, and the audio sounds good too. Great work!

Video (excluding deleted scenes): 10/10
Audio: 10/10
Editing: 10/10
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(Updated: September 06, 2012)
joevincent mar 14 2011

Okay, took some time to watch this. Thank you VERY much for the time spent. I’ve always been a fan of the various ‘Epic’ versions of these films put together over the years, and knowing that this will not be done officially with the newly restored material, your work is greatly appreciated.

This is about as good as an edit like this will get. I took the time to check out the places where deleted scenes would be added, and as expected there was the inherent drop in quality of the original sources. Nothing could be done to make these scenes look as good as the newly restored material. However, you did a great job with the cuts and fades and the added black sidebars so as not to disrupt the perspective flow. You did a great job in selecting logical breakpoints to switch DVD’s, and your segues between films were topnotch.
Your editorial choice to add the scene with Michael Corleone negotiating with the Archbishop of the vatican bank before the party was compelling. It changes the perspective of the party scene for the better, and enhances the third film on the whole which was always the inferior of the three.

This one comes as a gripe by someone who is a long-time fan of these films in all their variations including past ‘epic’ editions. Unfortunately, on the laser disc version of the original Epic trilogy, Frank Pentageli’s introduction scene was lifted from the TV version. That unfortunate edit results in dubbed language (“Fredo, you old son of a gun” rather than the original “son of a bitch”, and “canapes my eye” rather than “canapes my ass”.) This is a personal gripe that comes with long term familiarity, and previous disappointment over having seen this done on the laserdisc, as well.
However, I say this with full realization that the extended intro scene doesn’t exist in any other form. I just “wish” it could have been different….perhaps at switching over as the scene cuts to Pentageli drinking from the hose? Either way, this doesn’t detract from your work. If I may be pardoned a pun, it’s purely personal…not business.

The only thing you did which I does feel detracts from the overall product was your placement for the ending montage. I think Godfather III needs to end with Michael alone in the aftermath of what has been left before. By adding the montage prior to Michael’s death scene, and inserting the montage of his dancing with the three women in his life over what was intentionally a slow and lonely death, you took away quite a bit of power from the ending. I also feel that ‘Cavalleria Rusticana’ was the more approrpiate music for the scene. All told, I would rather have seen the film end as it should have, and your otherwise very good montage added before the credits.

But overall, I think your work was great…and it’s truly appreciated.
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7 results - showing 6 - 7
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