Gecko Brothers & Zombie Terror

Gecko Brothers & Zombie Terror
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Original Release Date:
1996 / 2007
Original Running Time:
108 / 105
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Time Cut:
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Brief Synopsis:
Both movies cut to 60 - 70 minutes.
To create a double feature of director Robert Rodriguez. Both movies are now more to the action and horror and without some tedious dialogue.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
Gecko Brothers:

- Opening scene is trimmed
- Dialogue of the Ranger is trimmed and he is NOT going to the bathroom (cut)
- Dialogue in next scene is trimmed of all the actors
- New credits
- The images of the slaughtered women (killed by Ritchie Gecko) is longer in this cut as in the original
- Restaurant scene with Jacob and the kids is trimmed
- Dialogue is trimmed in the scene of the room of Jacob when the brothers come in
- Most of the dialogue in the motorhome on the way to the border is cut
- There are some small cuts in the scene when Ritchie goes nuts in the motorhome
- Some dialogue and scenes are cut in the Titty Twister
- The Vietnam story of Fred Williamson is heavy trimmed
- Some small cuts in the whole movie

Zombie Terror:
- Opening is re-scored with music of Badalamenti
- The dance of Cherry is trimmed
- Cuts in dialogue between her boss and herself
- There are some scenes cut / trimmed between Dr. William Block and Dakota Block
- Cuts in the Bar of JT (some scenes)
- Dialogue between Cherry and Freddy is trimmed ( here and there in the whole movie )
- Stranded woman with car is trimmed
- Some hospital activities are cut
- Dakota pickup her son is trimmed
- Love scene between Freddy and Cherry is cut
- Some dialogue is cut between Sheriff Hague and JT
- Cherry has no baby at the end of this edit
- Some small cuts in the whole movie

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