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This edit does exactly what it sets out to do: strips some of the worst humor out of a bad film. As the faneditor mentions, this is a pretty light edit, so your basic feelings about the movie are unlikely to change. I reviewed my feelings here:

Short version: I didn't like it. I was hoping it was just the humor I didn't like, but even with the edits here, there's still a lot of bad humor. I just don't think the same things are funny that Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh do. A ghost cowboy humping a sarcophagus and saying "I like it when they lie still" is just not my idea of humor. So, my bad for thinking this edit would make me enjoy this movie.

That said, if you like Peter Jackson's early work, this is well worth a shot. The edits are made seamlessly except for one frame frozen briefly on Fox's face...I would have thought it was just a stylistic choice if I didn't already know this was a fanedit. The cuts here don't really improve the narrative, but they are good choices. They did help me like the movie MORE...but I still didn't like it. I'd say that probably no edit could turn this into a movie I'd love, but if someone's interested in watching, this is the way to watch it.

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