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TV-to-Movie June 29, 2014 2420
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I watched this film on the editor's recommendation and because my girl is a big fan of Sherlock. It was very much as advertised. A threading of the Moriarty plot lines. It was only available as a video file at the time he gave it to me and since I wanted to give it to my girl as xmas present, I ended up mastering my own ISO, which was a fun project. But bare in mind my review is based off of watching that version and not the original file.

The story was great. There was character development, action, mystery. Vary strong narrative over all.

I did however found the video to be rather grey and had some compression crunchiness in parts. Sherlock is already sort of grey to begin with and I would have like to see the color bumped up a bit instead of being even more washed.

I really liked the use of the pan-wipes to connect the footage from different episodes together. Unfortunately it was a bit over used and made me kind of seasick.

But overall, I would totally watch this one again and glad to have it on my shelf!

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