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TV-to-Movie June 29, 2014 3451
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This was the first fan-edit I watched from ifdb, and certainly convinced me that these can help promote a series. Splitting up a plot into several parts may make sense on consecutive airing to keep the tension, but after the fact it simply seems artificial like an advertisement break. This is esp. the case when the individual episodes where simply fluffed up to be more stand-alone, when the overall storyline doesn't warrant it.

These story arcs need fusing and fan-editing, and "The Fall of Sherlock" is an excellent example how to do it right. Everyone not knowing Sherlock will be instantly hooked and become a fan of the series - not that this would happen in reality of course, as you first have to buy the series to be able to enjoy the fanedit.

As this probably isn't as difficult to do than repairing a completely broken movie, I gave it a "9" for everything but full "10" enjoyment. One deduction as usual though for the lack of an editor audio commentary, I wish these would be more ubiquitous as hearing from a true fan and expert of the source is so insightful and fun.

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