In 2008, a relatively unknown faneditor going by the name of Adywan shook the fanediting galaxy with his release of Star Wars Revisited. From that day, faneditors and film enthusiasts from around the world (and we’d like to think throughout the galaxy…) have waited in eager anticipation for the continuation of Adywan’s Revisited saga. That day has arrived! Prepare yourself to relive the magic of Star Wars with Adywan’s Star Wars – Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Revisited.

Adywan and his team of fanediting rebels have left no frame untouched. Color (or in Ady’s case, “colour,”) correction has been applied throughout to restore the purity of each image. New scenes have been faithfully created to enhance the experience while preserving the integrity of the source. Each frame has been scrupulously analyzed to ensure no continuity errors remain. This is the Star Wars you remembered as a child, and the one you’d be well off showing to your children (or your pets and friends).

Come watch the speeders fly, the heroes flee and the sabers clash in this instant fanediting classic.

We’ll see you in a galaxy far, far away….

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