The Empire of the Mind

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The Empire of the Mind
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The story is entirely a figment of the Polish prostitute ('Lost Girl') who removed the trauma of an abortion and is held prisoner by the guilt of a homicide which she feels responsible for (the wife of her lover). A sinking, a descent into hell (apparently) inevitable.
I edited the entire film and the extra material (plus some sequences from the David lynch short 'Rabbits') as a TV show, as a "new" 'Twin Peaks'. Now the movie is a journey into the unconscious of the 'Lost Girl', Making more explicit what was the original intention of Lynch. I made it in 4 episodes: 1) Hollywood´s Dreams 2) Memories of Time 3) The Phantom 4) Writerheads.
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I didn't take note of it, but in general the movie is completely reconstrued. Scenes apparently nonsense in the original version, now are inserted in an "intelligible" context. A massive and necessary operation, is crop up more things that happened and adjust the color in some Rabbits scenes.

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