Dead Walk, The

Dead Walk, The
Faneditor Name:
Fanedit Type:
Original Release Date:
Original Running Time:
Dawn (European cut) 119 minutes / Day 96 minutes
Fanedit Release Date:
Fanedit Running Time:
118 minutes
Time Cut:
97 minutes
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Brief Synopsis:
I cut two movies in one edit to make one story of it.
Trying to make a rollercoaster of this with a whole lot of cuts to put the horror and action on top.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
TV studio is cut
Zombie basement scene is cut
Street soldiers and zombie chopper scene is cut
Many cuts in dialogue scenes
In this edit is Ross not pregnant.
The Dawn segment is like a rollercoaster, there is no "quite" moment.
In the truck scene Reiniger forgot his bag, (original) in this cut he doesn't, i recut this all in one take when he moves to the truck of Foree
In the original flyboy starts to shoot at the motergang, but in this edit he is freaked out and Foree is the one who begins to shoot.
Foree is not coming with Ross in the chopper at the end of the Dawn segment


In the original day there's not a whole lot of action but in this cut i try to put the action on top.
So also a lot of cutting in unnecessary dialogue
There is no meeting in this edit, also no visiting of Cardille in the cabin of McDermott and John
Dileo is the friend of Cardille in the original but in this cut you don't see it
His character is collapsing from stress, i used that to make him totaly crazy

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