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My personal impression of Nolan's final entry in the Dark Knight trilogy is that it is an excellent film, but a very bad Batman movie. After loving the first two movies, I left the theatre after watching RISES feeling very frustrated. On one level, blown away at the craftsmanship and artistic nature of the film. On another level, completely blown away at how out of character everyone was from not only the last two movies, but from the iconic source material too. Thus, RISE is my least favourite of all the Batman films (yes, I even like Batman and Robin better...LOL-- I really need to see a therapist)

But now I have NJVC's version of RISES to enjoy. And enjoy it I did. While the film still suffers imo from many inherent character development/motivation issues that can not be altered, I loved how njvc has cut away all the excess baggage, and streamline the story so it is now moving like a runaway train.

This may sound odd, but I really loved that njvc cut out Mathew Modiene as much as he did, as I have always loved the actor's work, and by removing all his smarmy scenes, he really redeemed the character and made his death more tragic to me.

I will not repeat all the praises that others have posted, as they are much more eloquent than I could ever be.... Technically, it is solid edit with great cut and audio work. If I am to nitpick, I wish njvc had taken the time to dial down all of Bane's dialogue, as I was constantly adjusting my volume control on the remote during and after every single Bane scene. I also thought the Gordon hospital scenes where Blake is promoted to detective felt a bit choppy.

For me, this cut is a definite improvement from the original, though still my least fave of the Nolan trilogy. NJVC is to commended for his great work. Thumbs Up. :)

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