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FanFix August 16, 2014 9361
(Updated: September 08, 2014)
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Wow. This edit is everything I expected it to be and more. I really don't know where to begin, but first of all the visual cuts are amazingly done and are practically invisible. Audio wise this edit was also strong, but not as strong as the visual editing. The choice to remove the Harvey Dent storyline in favor of having all of the criminals run rampant without the whole revolution thing going on greatly enhanced the sense of dread the original film sewed in and should have been in the original movie to begin with. The pacing is great since you trimmed all the unnecessary fat. But the thing that had me was that ending. Simply amazing. I have my own personal edit of TDKR and I pondered having Bruce die at the end, but concluded it would be impossible to pull off in a convincing way due to the shifts from Gordon, Blake and Alfred, but you did it perfectly. And the last scene....was awesome. The only thing I didn't like was you kept in the Talia death scene. What you could have done is after she says "There's no way this bomb can be stopped." you could have cut the scene her actually dying on screen. Trust me it works. Also removing the "Where's the trigger" scene is a bad idea because at that time it shows how desperate Batman was at the moment. Anyways, this is definitely the definitive edition.

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