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FanFix August 16, 2014 11774
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I just finished the njvc Trilogy. Out of the three films in this saga "Rises" has been the disappointment, until now. A great fan edit will re-introduce you to a film you have seen numerous times over the years. njvc has remade "Rises" and in my opinion lifted it to it's rightful place in Batman lore. We now have a the final chapter that we deserved as fans.

This tighter cut of "Rises" speeds the pace of the film considerably. In my opinion this was one of two major flaws in the theatrical cut. The second problem was the bloated story. The political aspect of the film, the anti "Occupy Wall Street" story never fit in well and felt like it was added just to make a statement. Also, the late introduction of characters kinda gave away the big baddie reveal in the end. njvc solved both of those issues.

The happiest moment for me was the fix to the final Joseph Gordon-Levitt sequence. I actually stood up in my living room and cheered. Although the theatrical release reveal of Gordon-Levitt's character was fun I always felt they missed a great opportunity at a better reveal. I'm happy to see I wasn't the only one who thought of this. njvc brought my suspicion to life with cleaver editing and I applaud him for doing such a wonderful job at it.

This is now my go to version of the film in this trilogy.

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Owner's reply September 04, 2014

Thank you for the great review linten, I was really happy with this cut of the film, so it's pleasing to hear it met your expectations. Thanks again!

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