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FanFix August 16, 2014 11073
(Updated: September 01, 2014)
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I have been a vocal opponent of TDKR since I saw it in theaters. I was upset at the sense of slowdown in the story right from the beginning. Its a tough film to enjoy in some ways. This edit has addressed much of the problems with it and streamlined the story. There were a few noticeable audio issues, mostly in scenes cutting from one to the next, but I LOVED the addition of the score during Bane vs Batman fight. I also really enjoyed the ending of the film. Personally I would have liked to see more of the "clean slate" cut out, but it works well in this context. For now this will replace my original copy, I just wish some narrative and audio issues were addressed. You have some brilliant ideas here. Overall, very well done!

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Owner's reply September 01, 2014

Thanks Wyndorfdave! Can you let me know where the audio issues are that you mentioned? I thought I had smoothed over the audio transitions, so this surprises me a little. Cheer for watching and reviewing.

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