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(Updated: August 21, 2014)
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I will keep this one short. The only thing that could have made this any better would be more shots of Catwoman straddling that motorcycle. Maybe in slow motion. Perhaps this is a personal thing.
This might be my favorite of the three, though I liked the first one a lot too.
It is hard to review a fanedit when nothing about it feels like it was re-edited by an "amateur" fan--this, as far as I am concerned IS the third Nolan Batman movie. I don't need the original anymore because compared to this, the original now feels like raw footage waiting to be edited in this way.
I almost want to use this space to beg njvc to edit Burton's 2nd Batman movie featuring that other hot Catwoman, and cut out as much Penguin as possible--as I have seen a poorly done edit that illustrated that a good movie lurks in there just waiting for someone of njvc's talent to bring it to light.
But this isn't the place for that. This is the place to say I highly recommend this whole re-edited trilogy.

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Owner's reply August 21, 2014

Thanks anarchemist, I really appreciate the positive feedback and the effort you've taken to watch and review the three films. Great to hear that you enjoyed it so much. As for Batman Returns... Strangely, I like the grotesque penguin! But I certainly don't disagree that both Catwomen looked pretty smashing in their respective getups.

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