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I have mixed feelings about this edit. There are somethings that baffle me like the removal of the copycat's which makes Batman's appearance abrupt and some of the audio and visual cuts aren't that good. Batman having copycats siginifies that he is making a good impression on the city's populace like the Bay Harbor Butcher copycat in season 2 of Dexter (Dexter did it first). I don't like how you took Batman's dialogue out of his scene with Meroni. I know it was over the top, but it really feels like something is missing. You could have at least kept the "Where is he!?" line. When you took out the Batpod doing the cool reverse thing after Batman flipped the truck you made a continuity error. The scene where Joker says "you can't rely on anyone these days you gotta do everything yourself DONT WE!?" had a bunch of audio funkiness. Also, why did you take out the line "You thought we could be decent men in an indecent time!"? And Jim Gordon talking to himself was strange. Now for the good things. I like how you changed the line in The Joker's video to "Are you Batman?". The way you change Bruce and Rachel's fall out of Wayne Tower building was fantastic! Thank you for that. Among other line's and exposition you took out this was a pretty good edit, but I hope you made a v2.

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