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I recently watched this trilogy edit and really enjoyed it. This is my least favorite of the three edits though.

There were no problems at all with the video or audio just as with the other movies. And many of the cuts were good, such as a lot of the humor and much of the pacing. But I think a little too much got cut. 1st being the copycats which I felt brought a lot of depth to what effects batman was having on the people of gotham. And the 2nd being the boat scenes at the end. I think this removed a lot of the tension and struggle the people were going through making it feel like not a huge deal. The pacing here just felt really off.

I think the good mostly outweighs the bad though. The pacing throughout the rest of the movie was great, as other reviewers have said the fall off the building having the grappling gun shot inserted made that so much better, and toning down Bale's Batman performance was great. I'd recommend this edit to anyone, but I think I'll personally stick with the original.

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