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It was a solid cut, to be sure, but I'd have to say I liked the original better. I watched this cut because although I loved Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, I feel that the trilogy as a whole does not feel like one cohesive work (and also, I'd love to see a cleaned-up version of The Dark Knight Rises, which I feel was the weakest of the trilogy). So I'm still planning on watching the rest of The Dark Knight Saga Recut and seeing what I think of it, but I'll definitely be going back to the theatrical cut next time I want to watch Batman Begins. I felt that a lot of the things NJVC cut made the narrative more confusing. I remembered why Batman was trying to stop the train at the end from the theatrical cut, but my wife was confused. All of the explanation for why the train needed to be stopped was cut out (unless I missed something, but reading through the cutlist afterwards, it seems that it was indeed all cut out). Additionally, I think that a lot of the humor that was cut really added to the movie, but that's definitely a matter of opinion and I can understand why NJVC cut it. But I personally missed it.
I will say that I did appreciate the color correction. This does look better than the original. And the edit was very professionally done. As I said, solid edit, it's just not for me.

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Owner's reply October 12, 2015

Thanks for the review Son of Suns, sorry to hear it wasn't for you. Just a quick note on the train explanation, Batman does indeed explain the need to stop the train in this cut, when he first arrives in The Narrows. He explains to Gordon that they'll be using the train to disperse the water supply and that he'll stop the train, but needs Gordon's help.

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