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FanFix August 16, 2014 7430
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I agree with dangermouse for the most part. I don't agree with your cutting most of Rachel and Bruce's dialog, since while it was a little awkward and clumsy, it was also very important to the story and establishes the theme of "the Bat or the Man". I also am a fan of the hallucination scenes, so I personally would like to see them here. Also, SWEAR TO ME is a classic line. That needs to come back.

Much like dangermouse I can't say this will replace Batman Begins for me, if you have a second version that addresses his complaints, then absolutely it would. However, I still recommend this cut, because it really does go a long way to addressing a lot of the issues the original had.

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Owner's reply August 19, 2014

Hey soufihadi, thank you for your review :) Putting back in the scene with Rachel and Bruce and the "Swear to Me" line would be pretty easy. If there's enough interest in that, I'll put out another version in the future. I can guarantee I won't be putting the CGI hallucinations back in though! You'll have to go back to the original for that... ;)

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