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FanFix July 15, 2012 8360
(Updated: October 06, 2021)
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I saw this film a long time ago only once and I remember hating it. It was basically a clumsy remake of the terrific Brandon Lee film. After seeing Cecil's Good Bad Flicks video about the film's troubled post production and how it was meant to be something completely different, I've been searching for a fanedit that would try to cobble together what the film was intended to be.
I have to say editor DCP really made some magic here. Although there are several scenes missing, he was able to recreate the missing bits with stills and music and well, the film is there. Vincent Perez and Mia Kirshner were great and had terrific chemistry. No wonder they went on to make great films after this. And I'd forgotten what a terrific soundtrack this film has. I heard Tim Pope saw and approved this edit and congratulated DCP for his work, and I can't think of a better achievement for a faneditor. Congrats!
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