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(Updated: September 03, 2021)
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This was a perfect two in one edit for me. I always felt that Hellraiser and Hellbound should have been combined into one movie with about a third of the cheese removed.

What’s not good about those movies is that the acting is atrocious. Not even the guy playing the father, who is much better in other movies, could save it. Not even the subtle porn. Nothing really. I loved these movies because of the story. I mean, seriously, these are the perfect nightmare. I love the part about how the cennobites were people before they “were tempted and got sent to hell”. Real creepy stuff. When you got a story that heavy who cares about the acting?

What Maniac has successfully done, as usual, is re-arrange certain aspects of the movies to accomplish a setup that is more satisfying and creates a more forceful impact. He has removed a lot of the cheese. I mean a lot. He couldn’t remove it all because it would be left as a half hour shock flick that would be very disturbing and confusing. He has added some things that truly make it more terrifying. He did it all in a manner that made it seem like it was meant to be.

I can’t imagine what could have been done better to integrate these two movies into one. Horrible acting aside, “It’s your flesh we want to experience”.
I can't imagine a much cheesier line.

Maniac has created a much more disturbing vision of a terrifying movie and it’s sequel. Don’t bother with the others. Just horrible from here. But this edit is definitive if you want to experience Hellraiser. My go to version from here on out.

Another incredibly well done edit.

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