Boogeyman, The

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The Night He Came Home
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Brief Synopsis:
I tried to hide the fact of how dangerous Myers is in the beginning. So by not showing the murders, it comes out as more of a mystery. It's more fast paced, without much dragging.
I love the original 'Halloween', probably my favorite movie of all-time, but the remake was kind of a mess. So I wanted to try and make this an enjoyable and more fast paced film, but trying to keep the spirit of the original in mind.
Additional Notes:
I was going to release this as a set with other horror film remakes in the likes of 'Tales from the Crypt' and 'Masters of Horror' but had some problems with my computer and lost all the edits. I'm sure I will get to those in the near future and release them as stand alone films.
Other Sources:
Click Click Boom by Saliva (music)
Special Thanks:
Neglify (for all the support)
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  • MP4/M4V/MOV
Editing Details:
I wanted to cut as much of young Michael as possible and recut his mother into a minor character. I also cut most of the nonsense and slow spots.
Cuts and Additions:
- Cut entire beginning intro
- Added Intro
- Cut all scenes leading up to police and news about the deaths (added a more nostalgic look with the black and white scenes)
- Cut scenes with Michael's mom visiting him
- Cut scenes of Michael as a grown up in the mental hospital
- Added music to the truck stop scene
- Cut Lynda and boyfriend being murdered
- Trimmed sequences of Michael with Lori
- Added new end credits with music
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A/V Quality – 8/10
Good quality 720 video. At times it looked a little stuttery, but it could have been an issue on my end.

Editing – 10/10
I had no issues with the editing. Major chunks are deftly taken away, creating a smooth-flowing 53-minute story.

Narrative – 10/10
Great job on story-telling. We get just the right amount of Young Michael before going to familiar territory. The pacing never drags or feels rushed, and the story feels complete.

Enjoyment – 8/10
I highly detest Rob Zombie’s Halloween films. Too disgusting. A lot of what I hate is removed, but it’s still not much of an enjoyable experience. But this is probably the best it could get for my personal tastes.

The editor originally was going to make this in the style of a Tale From The Crypt type TV show. I wish he hadn't dropped that idea, but this stand-alone feature is satisfactory.

Overall, a very good re-edit of a terrible movie.

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