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Let me start off by saying The Sopranos is my favorite tv show of all time (It's 1A to my 1B The Wire).
I acknowledge that I will never love any fanedit of this show because I love all the little nooks and crannies that the show goes into. That's really the joy of the show. I mean losing the whole College episode alone, while non-essential to the main plot of the power struggle between Tony, Uncle Junior, and Mama Livia, is reprehensible to me because it also represents everything The Sopranos is about.

Having said that, Adabisi's edit distills the main plot points of the first season. The power struggle between Tony and Uncle Junior and Livia playing puppet master behind all of it. So from a pure plot perspective, it succeeds, as we get some understanding of the balance between Family and "Family". The plot works through the paces quickly and we see most of it take place. The ending truncates the whole show in an inspired way, echoing the ideas from the. show. The show is brilliant because of how dense it is, the writing is fantastic. Yet watching it this way, feels like a clip show, you lose sight of the depth of these characters and only see the plot machinations. A lot happens off screen for the supporting characters, a lot of the supporting characters are severely underserved to focus on this main plot.

Certainly Season 1 has a lot that can be trimmed, "A Hit is A hit" is probably my least favorite episode of the entire show.

Overall it's an interesting experiment but I can't recommend it. The Sopranos as a show has always been meant to explore these depths and takes great pains to explore the psychology, dreams, and world of Tony Soprano and his relationships. In all it's glory and in all it's mundanity. This fanedit can only takes snippets from a lived in world. But moments like, "they built this", "I didn't hurt nobody" and the "where's my arc, Paulie" is what the show was built on and are timeless but lost here.

The technical editing was top notch all around, only a few minor quibbles here and there, no comments there.

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