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This edit is very technically sound, but I felt the scenes included did little to add to the viewing experience. I feel like while the new scenes explain and expand on some stuff, it makes the rest of the film less charming. The subplot showcasing Maria Hill as a mole or cool, but the new prologue that comes with it feels incredibly atonal compared to the rest of the film. The alternate Fury/Council scene, while explaining why Hawkeye didn't kill Fury, feels unnecessary, and it removes the line about wars being one by soldiers, thus making the transition over to Captain America more abrupt. Speaking of unnecessary explanations, it's easy to see why the scene where Loki devises to break the Avengers was cut, especially since it doesn't change the fact that it's, as Tony said, "not a great plan." Lastly, I didn't care for Cap handing the Chitauri weapon to the police officer, since that results in us seeing him get killed, which is a real downer, and at the point in the movie the audience shouldn't be feeling down.

There are only two scenes that I felt should have gone back into the film. The extended Captain America scene (maybe excising or doctoring the part where it says Peggy is in London, since she seems to be living in America by Winter Soldier) and the part where Harry Dean Stanton convinces Bruce to go back into the fight (cutting out where Bruce explicitly states that he's going to Stark Tower, we should figure out what the endgame is when Tony does. The scene would have Bruce going " don't know.").

I do feel bad being so negative in my review, but sometimes less really is more.

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