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Assassination of Julius Caesar, The
January 11, 2013    
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As a big fan of the HBO series and of Kerr's past fanedits, I was very excited about this one. This project is a big undertaking. Unfortunately it didn't quite have the payoff I had hoped for. The narrative left me feeling similar to how I felt when I saw the movie Alexander. Its not bad per say but fails to hold my attention. It starts off great, but then settles into a methodical pace plodding through the plot points. Ultimately it wound up feeling to me like an outline of a story without enough character substance and plot detail specifics to gel it together into an engaging cinematic experience.

No major technical problems. There were some very well done fades, but in general maybe a little too much reliance on the use of fades for my taste. A/V is no HD extravaganza, but fine for what it is, which is 480p & 2.0 dolby digital. The audio didn't really pop out and blow me away in any specific way, but no glitches or specific problems.

This is truly a tv-to-movie edit. Kerr did a good job in this regard. For the most part it feels cinematic, it has a logical beginning, middle, & end, the story is self-contained, and it has a reasonable runtime of less than 2 hours.

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