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FanMix November 07, 2021 2930
(Updated: January 14, 2023)
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Fresh alternative to the original. Needless to say. It works!!!

Could this be the groundwork for some Grindhousing? Liscence to paste in some sexy scenery and better CGI is just what the doctor ordered. Not to mention better 80's music. But who dares??

Its difficult to critique this as soundtrack and scenes are already set up perfectly. It may be a good idea to alter some arrangements to amplify the (aforesaid) mystery romance appeal. Only marginal additons of Terminator footage are sought after in my mind. In the end this is entirely satisfactory as is. Good intro to the movie too. I can't say I was suspecting our soldier of fortune at any point but the blinkering of the man on the hunt and the phone-book killer themes does succeed at a focused intrigue. I'm sure first time viewers will be suspicious though. And then the entrance of our cyborg of fate will be massively impactful, I'm sure. Still its good for a muse. Its really interesting to the highlighting of Sarah Connor's vulnerability and confusion with a gradual move towards her acceptance of an imminent Judgment Day. Its one to watch with the girlfriend!!!

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