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(Updated: March 02, 2022)
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tl;dr. Turns the beloved campy thriller into a fun, exciting, mystery romance thriller, in the best possible way.

Stunning edit! The other reviews do a great job summarizing - great, fast pace, super interesting to view from Sarah's perspective and makes her the main character. As someone who became a Terminator fan in the early 2000s, I watched the first movie under the expectation that Arnold was a villain protagonist. This movie really reset me, framing Sarah as the hero protagonist. Definitely a good watch.

Not mentioned in the other reviews - this edit also really plays more into the Sarah-Kyle romance, which I liked. The original has their romance as a jokey, forced Virgin Mary, who will birth the messiah, romance. Whereas this edit really does a slow burn on their relationship. As ridiculous as it sounds, this edit makes it make sense that Sarah Connor would trust this Kyle a man who says he's from the future and fell in love with a picture of her that her unborn messiah son gave her. Another review said more of the romance could've been cut, but I really enjoyed it.

This edit also breathes new life into the franchise. The mystery element was really well done. While I love the series, 1, 2, 3, and 6 all have the same plot. This edit has inspired me to think of how future iterations (or fan edits) could breathe new life into the series. It makes want Terminator 7 to be a mystery - two terminators come back from the future, and they fight to 'protect' the future great leader, but you don't know which one is the good guy, which one is the bad guy. Imagine, Terminator 6, but Sarah (who we know is a hero) meets Dani first. We don't know if Grace or Gabriel are good or evil. They're both chasing after Sarah and Dani, and fight each other along the way. But neither get close enough for us to know which is the good one or bad one until the end. Both use vague dialog like "i'm saving humanity from its future" and say each other is here to "destroy earth as we know it" which could mean Grace is protecting humanity's future hero, or Gabriel is terminating Dani to protect humanity from itself. Not sure how it would end, but this edit shows how something like that could work. Thanks for revitalizing the franchise! lol

My first review, so 10/10 for enjoyment and narrative. 9s for the others since it was well done, but I don't have enough basis of comparison, so I gave it a 9.

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