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very good very – enjoyed the hell out of it.

After seeing coming storm i decided to revisted t1 and t2 in order to get into terminator salvation (even though i am already hyped) and once again I thank for providing such good material. I only have the heavily cut single disk version of T1 at home – meaning even shorter than the theatrical version not even a second disk with the deleted scenes so I started looking for a version of T1 – just the theatrical version, but none of 10 shops i was looking for had T1 – only the heavily cut edition I already possessed – so thank you ADM for giving me the opportunity to watch Cameron’s masterpiece with scenes that really add to the story (especially the new kyle scenes, like the tickling or Kyle’s breakdown and of course cyberdyne) sometimes I could hear that some parts were inserted because the audio was different, but this didn’t take away from my enjoyment.

The only glitch that irritated me was the abrupt audio cut after sarah is rescued when we jump to cyberdyne systems, it was a bit rough

but overall 11 out of 10 (1 for sheer gratitude of being able to watch an uncut version of T1 )
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