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This is a great fan-fix, and a big improvement over the original.

Agent9's cuts are smart and well integrated, removing a lot of unnecessary filler and keeping the essential throughline of the story. The visual edits are excellent, but special mention must go to the audio work. The integration of music from the first 3 terminator movies is handled very professionally, in terms of balance, removal/masking of the original score, and placement in the film. Fantastic work!

As a film overall, it's still nowhere near as good as the first two, although I much prefer it to the abomination that was T3. The movie takes itself far too seriously, and the references to Terminators gone by ("Come with me if you want to live", "I'll be back") feel very forced. Also, giant plot holes remain intact through no fault of Agent9's (Really? Cybernet sends one Terminator to kill John? In a Terminator Factory?).

I'd say this is about as good as this film can get. Nothing removed from the original cut was missed, and the new music was a nice throwback to Terminator 1&2. Congrats on a great first edit on!

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