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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
August 19, 2012 @ 3:55 am

Q2′s work has served as an introduction to fan edits for me. I’ve always wanted to make one myself, but didn’t find this community until recently.

My first exposure to fan edit was Q2′s Phantom Menace. An amazing job technically (the pod race was an exceptional improvement), but unfortunately that movie just has a poor story line. I had high hopes but was moderately let down, due in no fault to the work of Q2.

Terminator Salvation, however, is a movie that exists for no other reason then balls to the wall action. Bale is psycho status in this one. For me, that’s a good thing. The film runs on pure adrenaline, and story comes second. All it needed to do was stay out of the way of the action. Leave it to McG to mess up a sure thing.

Yet now, somehow, this film has been redeemed. It would be impossible to remove every single cliché, wink/nudge, or poorly delivered line of dialog, but what Q2 has created is a VASTLY SUPERIOR film to the one I first saw in theaters 3 years ago.

The edit is absolutely seamless. The pacing perfect. At no point was I bored. Eye rolling was at a minimum. The new intro set the tone and clip perfectly for the rest of the film. And the new conclusion works better then I could have imagined it.

The only complaints I have left are aimed at the original film makers more then anything else. I still wish Helena Bonham Carter’s character could be completely eliminated. But I realize this would be extremely difficult to pull off (impossible?). And Anton Yelchin was horribly miscast. He becomes Michael Biehn? I think not.

Addressing other reviewers concerns:
I suppose the inability of Skynet to properly identify and handle Kyle Reese is a bit of a hole. It would make more sense if they never knew they even had him. Q2 addressed this somewhat, but there is still that one scene where it shows what cell Kyle is in.

I think the canceled attack of Skynet was handled beautifully. It cuts out an over the top speech (didn’t we already have enough of those?) and honestly, it was redundant in the first place. The commander on the sub explains it for us when he blatantly says “They wont attack unless Connor gives the order” If your dialog is unabashed exposition, at least don’t make it repetitive exposition.

Finally, the transition to the attempted rape of Moon Bloodgood’s character seemed totally fluid to me. Not really sure where people’s complaints are coming from on this one.

Wrapping up, I’d give the original movie a 6/10. I’d give Q2s version an 8/10.
I’ll be burning this copy for all my friends. (Yes they own the original) And I cant wait to see what else this community has to offer me. Cheers!
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