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First of all: the opening sequence is fantastic, I watched this edit over the course of two days, always 30 minutes and before i would continue with the film i would watch the opening sequence to get the terminator vibe. T-Hope deliberately inserts very disturbing pictures into this sequence which makes the viewer uncomfortable and wouldn’t pass for a big budget mainstream movie since it would make us think about the horrifying consequences of a nuclear war instead of just looking at explosions tearing down the planet.

The good:
Said opening montage cannot be mentioned often enough. This is the first t4 fanedit i finished until the end and most of this probably lies because the opening created such a great terminator vibe

Removing Skynet’s knowledge of Kyle Reese gets rid of a lot of plot problems as well – at first I thought it doesn’t really make sense that skynet takes reese into a single cell, but from the edit this could either mean: reese was taken into the cell just by chance for possible experiments or skynet knew from marcus that connor was interested in reese and took him as bait but wasn’t aware of reese’s importance
reordering the discussion with serena also does the trick of making it less obvious that marcus is a robot
removing some cheese sequences like connor jumping into the water and terminator throwing around is also a big plus

the bad:
There are a some real glaring audio and video problems as well as transitions that don’t really work:

The shot of Silberman while being a great reference to the other movies is of bad video quality
As the previous reviewer already noted there is an awkward filter when we get marcus’ flashback which distracts and just looks fake, furthermore it wasn’t really necessary because the light itself indicates that this is a flashback and the video doesn’t require further filters

the opening sequence with connor has a hard cut where the t600 attack originally was

the altered audio where a guy says that connor is the nr1 target (originally it was kyle reese) is a good idea but the change is way too obvious and doesn’t sound well

at the end there are a lot of scenes with interlacing which shouldn’t be in any edit

there are also a lot of transitions that don’t work, but i can’t list them from my memory

the cut after kyle reese finds the photo is way too abrupt and we barely have time to realize what it’s about…probably because the original footage is not that much to work with

the cutting of the heart transplant works wonders, the only manko is the slight quality loss that is a result of zooming in to cut out marcus

overall this fanedit suffers from a lot of problems audio and video wise that i didn’t expect from a faneditor like T-Hope and it’s a real pity because the opening works just too damn well – I’d appreciate a redone version with the fixed errors so that i can finally put this edit into my shelf as the official T4

7/10 (6 for the edit but 1 big plus for the opening)
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