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A great fresh way to revisit the original Terminator. I never had much of a problem with the original FX shots, part of them because I think that they add to the "handmade" low budget charm, and others because I guess I'm used to them, but in any case the replaced shots in this edit work fine and are for the most part unobtrusive. More Adywan than George Lucas Special Edition, if you wish.

The one thing that I can unambiguosly say is a definite improvement is the eye surgery scene. You know, if your FX shots don't look good enough, downplay and hide them, don't show off. That's why the CGI shots in the original Jurassic Park look so much better than the ones in the current sequels despite being much more primitive. And that's what should have been done here from the start: that dummy head was way too obvious, and now via a combination of cropping and darkening it all looks so much more convincing.

And for the purists out there: for my tastes this is still a more accurate representation of the original film than the wretched teal regrading that the current official version has. Now that is an abomination. Krausfadr's regrading still shows a slight teal hue, but it looks considerably closer to how it looked since 1984, and that alone makes it an instant winner for me.

As a practical FX loyalist, won't call it my definitive edition, but it's pretty much an equally great version to watch. And as expected, video and audio quality are flawless, as is the actual editing work.

(Also, I must point out that there's a bit involving a swarm of flies that is objectively overdone, but likely to give you a good laugh. I know it gave me one!)
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